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Lemony Tahini Dressing

Last week I was on a mission to clean the fridge out of all things not needed for the Thanksgiving cooking extravaganza that was about to go down. I had thought about making these carrots as a side but with three kick-ass veggie recipes already on the menu, I figured we had enough. These bagged carrots are a super simple and easy vegetable to have on hand. Simply toss with a little avocado oil, pink salt, pepper and turmeric and roast at 400F for 30 minutes. The real shining star here though is this Lemony Tahini Dressing I snagged from Cookie + Kate. If you don't follow her, you should. This is hands-down one of my favorite dressings to make (aside from my Creamy Garlic Dressing). I mean, I lick the bowl clean after I make it. I initially made a batch of this for a kale and roasted butternut squash salad I was serving for Thanksgiving but why not for dipping these carrots in?!

Lemony Tahini Dressing

Ingredients 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil Juice of 1 lemon 3 TBL Tahini 2 garlic cloves, pressed 1/2 tsp sea salt Fresh ground pepper Whisk together and there you go! I made myself a double batch because this stuff is the bomb.



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