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Final Thoughts on the Ultimate Reset


-8 pounds GONE.

7 inches GONE.

Sluggishness GONE. Sugar cravings GONE. Nightly wine and cocktails GONE. Snacking habits GONE. Bloat GONE. Sugar addiction GONE. Food dependency GONE. Restless nights GONE.


On September 21st I embarked on this journey to better myself from the inside out. As a Beachbody Coach, I have done nearly every workout program under the sun and am a Shakeology lifer after seeing the differences it has made in my health. But there was always one thing I had never done and it was the Ultimate Reset. There have been so many times I wanted to give it a go but could I really ditch the workouts for 21 days and go vegan? Without cheating?! What about my eggs? What about my wine? What about chocolate? What if I was starving?! I REALLY don’t like to be hungry and cleanses and detoxes have never worked out for me. On more than one occasion while doing a juice or low-cal cleanse I’d find myself curled up with a plate of nachos on the second day. There was no way was I signing up for the Ultimate Reset. But it kept calling me and it was time.

After the summer I found myself in a bad place. I was running low on fumes. I was sick of my workouts. Wine and cocktails were all too frequent. My sleep was terrible and my weight had crept up to a place I hadn’t seen since before I was married…11 years ago! Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

So I pulled the trigger and never looked back and jumped right in and I will tell you, the only regret I have is not having committed to this sooner. At no time has it been more evident to me that you are what you eat and food is your fuel. It has corrected my eating patterns and changed my relationship with food. I don’t eat because of stress or boredom anymore and much to my surprise I DON’T need animal protein in every meal and in fact, am leaning towards a more vegan diet by day and adding animal protein in only in the evenings. I learned that grains are not the enemy and in fact, I feel pretty darn awesome when I do eat them. I learned that chasing health gives you all the other things you are looking for in life — weightloss, energy, strength and happiness. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this at peace in my own body. I can’t remember the last time I felt this in control of my health.

I’ve also gotta say, many of the meals were so good that they will become staples in my “after Reset” life, including the ever-present Microgreen salad that I am honestly missing already! Bottom line, completing this program has changed my life. It’s amazing what you can do in 21 days and really, when you look at it, what’s 21 days?!


Simply Sarah is about making simple changes in our habits to live a happier, healthier life. Food and fitness go hand-in-hand and my goal is to help you find that balance. I strongly believe you are what you continually do and never so much as with how you take care of your body both inside and out. I want to show you that there is a difference between having a diet and being on a diet (clearly you know the one I support!). Want a more personalized food plan and workout schedule? Drop me a message for information on my monthly challenge groups!

Need something more? In addition to my coaching services, I also offer pantry clean-outs, personal market tours and custom meal planning. Reach out to me with your requests!

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